Services - Peopleware


Core HR System

  • Employee Information Management
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Exit
  • Document Management

Biometric System

It is difficult to prove attendance of each individual using signatures. For this reason, Biometric system is an efficient system for Employees attendance management.

  • Different Types: Finger system, Face Recognition, Irish Scanning
  • Provides accurate time of staff goes out and cames in
  • Record Date & Time of movement, Staff details
  • Recorded information will be used for Payroll Generation



Attendance & Leave

  • Shift Management
  • Leave & Attendance Policies
  • Web Login
  • Online Leave application
  • Leave types & Approval workflow
  • No expenses on purchase of RFIDs and Access cards
  • No data manipulation

Monthly Payroll Generation

  • One Click Payroll processing
  • Salary structure Management
  • Earnings & Deductions
  • Loans & Advances
  • Acquittance Roll
  • Pay Slip Generation


Employee Self Service

  • Benefits
    • Significant Drop In HR’s Administrative Burden
    • Enhanced Access To HR Services
    • Quick Response Time
    • Considerable Boost In Employee Engagement
    • Improvement In Quality Of Data
    • Reduction In Resource Requirements And Costs
  • Services Types
    • Management of Personal data
    • Online Leave Application
    • Timesheets & Work shedule
    • Payslips
    • Company Policies & Information board
    • Accuracy in Information Transfer



Training & Placement

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