What is SaaS eCargo?

SaaS eCargo is a centrally hosted web application that is provided to customers in the form of a SERVICE on a subscription basis. The SaaS eCargo application has the same functionalities as it in the eCargo application. The customers can access SaaS eCargo via Laptop, Tablets and Mobile browsers. SaaS eCargo provider manages access to the application, including, Security, Availability and Performance. There’s no need to think about the technical issues since the SaaS eCargo provider takes care of it.

SaaS eCargo customers have no Harware, Software to buy, Install, Maintain and Update. Access to the application easier. Just an Internet connection and device to connect is enough.

SaaS Model Advantages


Quick to Deploy

Zero Infrastructure

Zero Maintenance Cost

Seamless Upgrades

Guaranteed Levels of Service

Backups and Data Recovery

Work Anywhere


High Adoption Rates

Long Term Customer Relationship

99.9% Uptime

Functional Features

Trip Planner

Hub manager has to have the coto select the correct Vehicle with correct capacity. so that, the Vehicle should have almost Full it reaches the assigned destination. eCargo has the the system to assit, Hub manager by totaling weight of Cargo available in all stations in the selected Route and weight at origin Hub. According to available weight for the Trip, system suggest to select the Transport for the Route. This provision makes sure that the Transport moves in the Route with, almost, Full Load of Cargo.

Cargo Consolidation

Cargos at Hub are to be dispatched to various locations. To transport the cargos to their respective destination Hubs,the cargos at origin Hub has to be grouped as per their destination Hubs. eCargo system has an Advanced Algorithm for consolidation of Cargos as per their destination Hubs automatically as and when the Trip is to be created. Hub manager just do few clicks to select all the respective LRs / Waybills, to be moved to destination Hub. At the same time, the Dispatch Sheet also gets generated automatically with all the selected LRs / Waybills for the trip.

Daily Cash Remittance

The DRS is the ultimate system to prevent the revenue leakage and provides the details to monitor the Agents cash collections and remittances. eCargo provides a fool proof, fully automated system to calculate and consolidate the Paid Bookings & ToPay deliveries and Accounts bookings and generate Daily Remittance Sheet, the DRS. The DRS has the provision to capture the customer pending details and maintain the same and carry forward to next day. DRS, also has the Closing & Opening balance of respective Agent office.

Mobile Apps

In the world of fast moving, any IT applications should have the Mobility system, so that the applications can be used on the move to take the decisions then and there and to do the Bookings and Delivery of goods with the help of Mobile Apps. In that sense, eCargo have the Mobility Support. Mobile application for Cargo Booking, Cargo Delivery has all the relevant functions for Booking of goods and Delivery of goods on the move. Further, there is le App for Administration

Trip P & L

Doing business is to make the Profit. Get to know Profits on each Trip gives liverage to the managers decide further course of actions. In that sense, eCargo has the provision to display the P & L of each Trip. eCargo has the provision to capture the Expenses incurred in each trip. With the expense and earnings details of the Trip, eCargo displays the P & L of that Trip.

Mobile Applications

Accounts Features


Daily Remittance

  • Agents generates DRS with Sales details
  • Reconcillation of DRS by Accounts manager
  • Manage customer pending payments
  • Pending payments as Agents' Closing balance


  • Invoices for Consignor or Consignee customers
  • Invoice generation for POD received Waybills
  • Part payment acceptance
  • Concession and Rebates
  • Oustanding Invoices
  • GST Invoice Rules applied



  • Rates for Normal & Special bookings
  • Month wise generation
  • State wise, Slab rate wise Bookings & Delivery
  • Separate Commission for Credit Bookings
  • View Commissions & Payment History
  • Reimbursement of Expenses:
  • DDC, DCC, Booking Hamali, Delivery Hamali...
  • Agents' Credits & Debits

Vendor Payments

  • Rate Type-Trip, Day, KM, Weight wise
  • Billing Type-Fortnight, Monthly, Partial
  • TDS Deductions
  • Advance Payments
  • Maintenance


Trip based P & L

  • Both Trip (Up & Down) Earnings
  • Advances received from stations
  • Record expenses like, Batta, Toll Gate Charges...
  • Fuel Consumptions
  • KPL Calculation

Agents Credits & Debits

Vehicle Expense Updation

Complaints & Claim Settlements